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I'm a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt teaching out of Movement Martial Arts ( in Macquarie Park, NSW Australia. I have been on the mats for more than 10 years, training, competing and teach. As such, I have suffered pretty much most of the injuries that come as part of the package of being a lover of the grapple arts.

Having gone through so many physical issues, and seeing my students and fellow grapplers suffer through the same, it occurred to me there was a real lack of available information for grappler's health. The aim is to provide some solid information here that you may find helpful to keep you training.

I have visited plenty of physiotherapists (a couple of which asked if BJJ was like karate), and know how important it is to receive quality advice. This is why I have also included a list of BJJ experienced physiotherapists, in case you wish to visit a professional for further help.

My main goal with Happy Grappler, is for my fellow grapplers, to be able to train in the the sport that we all love so much, for a lifetime :)

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